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Recent Advances and Trends in On-Board Embedded and Networked Automotive Systems

Publication type:  Journal Article

Authors: L. Lo Bello, R. Mariani, S. Mubeen, S. Saponara

Journal: IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics

Volume: 15

Issue: 2

Pages: 1038-1051

Date: Feb. 2019

Modern cars consist of a number of complex embedded and networked systems with steadily increasing requirements in terms of processing and communication resources. Novel automotive applications, such as automated driving, rise new needs and novel design challenges that cover a broad range of hardware/software engineering aspects. In this context, this paper provides an overview of the current technological challenges in on-board and networked automotive systems. This paper encompasses both the state-of-the-art design strategies and the upcoming hardware/software solutions for the next generation of automotive systems, with a special focus on embedded and networked technologies. In particular, this paper surveys current solutions and future trends on models and languages for automotive software development, on-board computational platforms, in-car network architectures and communication protocols, and novel design strategies for cybersecurity and functional safety.

Publisher: IEEE



Status: published

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 L. Lo Bello, R. Mariani, S. Mubeen, S. Saponara, "Recent Advances and Trends in On-Board Embedded and Networked Automotive Systems", IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, vol. 15, no. 2, pp. 1038-1051, Feb. 2019

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