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Schedulability analysis of Time-Sensitive Networks with scheduled traffic and preemption support

Publication type:  Journal Article

Authors: L. Lo Bello, M. Ashjaei, G. Patti, M. Behnam

Journal: Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing

Volume: 144

Pages: 153-171

Date: Oct. 2020

The Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) set of standards introduces in IEEE 802.1 switches and end stations novel features to meet the requirements of a broad spectrum of applications that are characterized by time-sensitive and mission-critical traffic flows. In particular, the IEEE802.1Qbv-2015 amendment introduces enhancements that provide temporal isolation for scheduled traffic, i.e., a traffic class that requires transmission based on a known timescale, while the IEEE802.1Qbu-2016 introduces preemption as a mechanism to allow time-critical messages to interrupt ongoing non time-critical transmissions. Both amendments, that are now enrolled in the IEEE802.1Q-2018 standard, are very important for industrial networks, where scheduled traffic and low-latency real-time flows have to coexist, on the same network, with best-effort transmissions. In this context, this work presents a response time analysis of TSN networks that encompasses the enhancements for scheduled traffic and preemption, in various combinations. The paper presents the proposed analysis and a performance comparison between the response times calculated by the analysis and the response times obtained through OMNeT++ simulations in three different scenarios.

Keywords: Time-sensitive Networking, TSN, real-time networks, automotive networks

Publisher: Elsevier

ISSN: 0743-7315



Status: published

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 L. Lo Bello, M. Ashjaei, G. Patti, M. Behnam, "Schedulability analysis of Time-Sensitive Networks with scheduled traffic and preemption support", Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, vol. 144, pp. 153-171, Oct. 2020

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